Spectacular 2D Entry: Andrey Kokorin


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Latest Update: Final Image: Mouse Bullfight!


Hello everybody!

The brave mouse has decided to show gripping show for beloved.
He has called the cat on bullfight!


I wanna be in time :slight_smile:


i like the first concept more…it looked more dinamic and the cat mor fierce…good luck:buttrock:


I Begin to color


that’s all


The brave mouse has decided to show gripping show for beloved.
He has called the cat on bullfight!


Wow Andrey! How could it be that theres yet only ONE reply over here, in this brilliant thread?! :cool: :wavey: You really have a very great final image! Lots of ‘spectacular action’ in it, but still the right level of style and cartoon! Your coloring is very good - in every case to me it looks to have ‘depth’ (doesn’t look ‘flat’)!

Find luck in the judging process, and lets hope all ‘technical’ turned out well! (as I read in the FAQ that you did have difficulties?!)

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

[edit: I saw that your image made it to the finalists! :arteest: CLICK! ]


Hello there, very beautiful entry, definitley spectacular imagery! It’s a shame you didn’t get more comments. Best of luck to you! :applause:



2Dutchman & mmbenya: Thanks a lot! Good luck you too!


lol… I really like your draw… good luck on the juding…:thumbsup: :bounce: :applause:


:thumbsup: Very unusual and cheerful work! An amusing plot! Has pleased-thanks! I wish good luck at competition and creative successes!!! its-FAN end-Best! molodez!:bounce:


I wish I would noticed that entry before the end… I cant believe I missed it… Im so sorry :confused: Coz its a very interesting interpretation of the theme and very good execution. Congratulatins and good luck!


Thank you all! I admire with your entries! Good luck to you too!
2Fish-ka: spasibo!


This is the cutest Spectacular Challenger ever! Oh I do hope you win or get a runners up for this…despite the posts response. :thumbsup:


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