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Hi All!
So history number one as follows:
In 1940, a pilot Ivanov fulfilling his scheduled flight saw huge flying fish.
Isn’t it exciting and gripping?


Intresting idea!Could be spectacular.Good luck


Thanks for support!
Has looked your works
To me too have liked
So to hold!


Greetings to all!
I continue a theme " flying fishes ":slight_smile:
Pencil sketch
Study of details
Success all


хорошая идея. Здесь очень важно показать что именно рыбы являются большими, а не самолёт игрушечным. И ракурс можно найти поинтересней.


Thanks Sergey!
I just thought, that it is necessary to change a composition and a foreshortening
Once again thanks for advice


Maybe you should zoom out little bit and try to play with the angle of view.I think fishs are too big…i dont now


In that that all and business :slight_smile:
That fishes should be greater!!!
In it I also consider that “Spectacular”
I have thought up history about 1940 and about pilot Ivanov which have seen greater flying fishes!
Thanks for advice :slight_smile:


At you normal idea. All depends on that as will draw.
It is possible one of fishes to draw more time in two and it is more terrible with the open mouth in a pursuit of self-summer. As I already spoke a foreshortening it is necessary more interestingly. It will seems to me well when self-years will fly on the spectator and hardly aside, and the fish behind floated (those flew by) and having turned a head in jerk has opened a mouth.
Can represent in general such here a house: fishes flew, horses закрякали or how there in a fairy tale at Marshak? It is possible to heap up more shortly, though it is already a few other idea… But I think not worse.


hi there!
I think its a good idea to go with, but at the moment its a bit messy. those elements covering each other make that chaos and its very hard to read what is what, where it is placed and so on. If its meant that fishes r big or a plane that small that they r equal, u should leave some space around the plane to let it breath. And maybe place one fish to the first plan, so its covering the plane a bit. Thats how u will get on a dramatic effect, while it will be clearly seen that the plane is in the middle of those flying fishes and is trying to dodge them.
Keep going with the good work buddy! :slight_smile:


Thanks for advice. I shall necessarily consider it in following sketches
I wish to change all completely both a composition and a foreshortening…:slight_smile:
Success all


Greetings Sergey!
Thanks for advice! I shall change a composition and a foreshortening
Only as you think if the fish wishes to bite the plane for a tail… And from machine guns to receive… The Plane that all militarian I-153 (Chajka-Seagull) (they then in 1940
To year were on arms of the Soviet Aircraft) About the idea has come, fight with flying fishes was conducted by pilot Ivanov, instead of has simply seen… Instead of whether too
Whether and in general grasping it?
Thanks for advice…
I shall work… :slight_smile:


I say choose a more dramatic angle whgich emphasises the scale of the fishes compared to the plane! Also to make known the scale put maybe islands or clouds in the background? Another thing is to make the fish show much more movement by giving them a more dynamic pose! Just keep playing with it and I am sure you will have a great composition together! :thumbsup:


Nice idea :slight_smile:
Good luck!

…and keep deadline terms in mind :slight_smile:


Hey LexLe, sorry, this is the first time I see your entry.
Now I understand the similarity of our concepts.
I really like your sketch and idea, keep it up!
I see what I can do to make mine less similar to yours.

Good luck, buddy :thumbsup:


To Mason Roberts - thanks and thanks for advice
I like your work too… Sketches new I shall expose this week… I am a lot of work is a little bit loaded…:sad: Successes! :slight_smile:
To Pony Art- thanks…:slight_smile: I hope to see you in competition… And that, hours a tic-so, a tic-so - time leaves :slight_smile:
To Art2 - Respect for you ART2!:thumbsup: Thanks for that that have visited mine thread… Success! :slight_smile:
Excuse for my bad English


your concept is original and ‘refreshing’. keep going. good luck.


I like the concept! The final image must be great. Good luck!
As for me - the fish eyes must be smaller, I think it will help to see how big that fish!


Hi all!
I’m back.
I was a bit busy, a lot of work. I continue working on “Flying Fish”, actually searching a better composition that’s supposed to convey my story. It has to be more dramatic perspective.
I don’t know… There’re many different solutions, and I’m wondering what you think about that one?