Spectacular 2D Entry: Alena Klementeva


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Latest Update: Final Image: Father…


Ganna D*ark


The excellent beginning! :thumbsup: If you have full three days of a free time, can have time to make a masterpiece! Good Luck !:scream:


Oh, HI !!! :slight_smile: great graphic you have done…very like your style… face, figure, perspective -
everything is cool ! :thumbsup:
but just one little thing that causes doubt in my mind… is there no much time, to worked it in details…
anyway… Best wishes and cheers to you ! :beer:


Hi! :wavey: And you will be in time?
Good luck to you!
It is necessary to hasten there was not enough time :deal:
The idea is pleasant to me !:thumbsup:
But very much so we shall tell a classical theme
Fire in fact will be very good for tracing
It is pleasant to see you:)


idey-Jeanne Dark on a fire. It does not feel a pain-therefore what to be in a condition of a trance. Below on the area the crowd observes of execution. They do not see an angel on which it looks. The angel has already arrived to take away to its shower. We see Jeanne eyes of an angel. Jeanne says a pray.
Father…Its name this work


its color work…


:eek: wow !!! I knew that you quickly draw!


Wow! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:
Super! Color is good!
Good Luck!


:beer: :wavey:
Lovely friends! Thanks you for support and a meeting! I for a long time draw this work. And here could posst it only today. For me it is torture… I full luzer on the Internet. And in English… I Shall try to make this work how many finished! I shall try! Thanks to you!!! :wink:


I like it. cool idea. Keep it up! :bounce:


Hi Alena!, good work. I sincerely wish you good luck!:thumbsup:


Hey! She looks very familar!.. Hmmmmm… Oh! It’s Mila! Am I Right?
Yeah the hand of profeccional artist is visible VERY clear. Great piece! I wish you a little bit of time so you could finish it in tme and the best of luck!


Alena, its GREAT!!!:bounce: everything is fantastic! i hope you will finish in time.
Good luck


GO GO Alenka!
Where Final ??? :slight_smile:
Good Luck!




4 hours left!

you can do it! you have a wicked image here i love the face and over color pallet great job.

and nay. you are the rool!


Looks great, although I would tone down the lense flare.


Notre Pere qui êtes aux cieux…

que votre nom soit sanctifie…

que votre règne arrive…

Que votre volonté soit faite…

sur la terre comme dans le ciel…

Donnez-nous aujourd’hui notre pain supersubstantiel…

Et remettez-nous nos dettes comme nous les remettons a nos débiteurs…

Et ne nous induisez pas en tentation mais délivrez-nous du mal…

Car a vous appartiennent le règne et la puissance…

et la gloire dans les siècles des siècles…


It is the basic pray in French…
She is-Ganna D*ark:)


Hi Alena

Great artwork:bounce:
I love your style, it’s amazing:eek:
Good luck!