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September 1° of 1939 at down, the German Armed Forces undertook by air and field the most frightful attack that the world never had been able to contemplate: the Blitzkrieg.

The ambitions of the Führer had begun and in less than three weeks he had seized of Poland. The empire of the Third Reich gave beginning at the greatest war of almost six years in the world: World War II. In a few time, with new strategies and thousand of military equipment, the Nazis also seized of France, Denmark, Norway, Holland… Europe seemed to succumb under the powerful the Panzers and the surprise attacks of the Luftwaffe.

Two fronts of battle was formed: the Allied, conformed by 47 countries, like England, France, Russia and the United States, and the Axis conformed by Germany, Italy and Japan. The beginning for the Nazis was successful, but Hittler committed several serious errors in his strategy and campaigns, one of them was try to conquer Russia.

The United States was forced to enter at the war after the attack mounted by the Japaneses in Pearl Harbor. After several campaigns with the allied, the 6 of June of 1944 disembark in Normandia the most powerful amphibious operation of the history. With this event, the defeat of the Germans was almost sure.

The Allied army crossed Europe, recovering the countries conquered and moving the Nazis towards Germany. In the first days of February, the allied army entered in Germany over Rin, Hamburg, Lübeck and Nuremberg. The victory was imminent, but still small groups of Nazis ready to fight until the death, being made new arms that could ensure the victory, like the V-2 missile and the immense Panzer Fusion, but these arms arrived late too much.

When a reconnaissance group of the allied arrived at Munich, only with Jeeps and basic armament, they were face to face with one of the few powerful Panzer never constructed. Without support, 12 soldiers fought against the Panzer and Nazi soldiers. In the middle of the battle, a Nazi discovers a hidden mother and her small son in the rubbish. The Nazi assassin the mother and the boy flee running. When noticing of this, a allied soldier runs to rescue the boy of being coiled by the Panzer, while their companions cover him, but the resistance is bigger, and when he doesn’t find another exit, he gives his own life in a Spectacular act to save the life of the boy, because doesn’t matter what race is, or what religion preaches, to save a boy is to give hope for the future.

At the end of the war, more than 55 million men, women and children were killed, many of them by the ambition, but other many, with the hope to obtain a better future for they sons.

The war is something that makes shake to anyone by its violence and waste of lives, but, being in the middle of a battlefield and give the life for something that really worth, is one of the more Spectacular scenes of the real world.


Nice idea I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile:


Your concept sounds very inspiring and difficult. Best of luck and may the muse be with you.


Thanks for post!

The real concept will be a little different but trying to keep this idea… I hope to update my concept sketch tomorrow…

keep int ouch:thumbsup:


Jeje, pues ya sabes,a dar guerra eh?:thumbsup: Bienvenido y mucha suerte, compadre:)



Hi there, I am interested to see what you come up with and give my support…:slight_smile:


hi mate,cool ref.Iill wait to see more.:buttrock:


Hi Adrian,

Just wanted to stop buy and thank you for your comment on my sketch. I will check back when you have your sketch up. Good luck! - J


Gonzalo Golpe: suerte para ti tambien:wip: estare checando tu trabajo…
mark alford: thanks and I’m glad for your support:bounce:

Dicruen: yeah, thanks man I hope to have something soon…:banghead:

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thanks everybody!


Also looking forward to where your concept goes, the idea is as well very inspiring… Looking forward to the results.


thanks man, I’m working on the sketch…:wip: I hope to have something good soon…:banghead:


Yes. Concept is great. It sounds very promising. Can’t wait to see first skethes :wink:

Good luck.


Well, here we go.
This is a quick sketch about my concept for this challenge. It’s a scene of the World War II. The ‘history’ is about a kid that his mother was murder and the nazis try to kill the children, but a soldier pick up him and he’s shoted. The ‘Spectacular’ is the war for itself… well, I have the image on my mind, I’ll try to develop it of the best way that I could =P

Any C&C is wellcome…


great concept. i think it could really work. good luck!


thanks man… I’ll try…:thumbsup:


Tough idea to fullfill! Looks good and don’t give up!


a good idea to show alot of emotions… keep it coming


nice start,mate.love your sketch.cheers.:bounce:


Nice concept, I will keep up with this one good luck, holla!:thumbsup:


BluePulse: thanks… Ain’t give up:thumbsup:

W!L: Yeah, I’ll try to show different emotions… thanks!:slight_smile:

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