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Hi all im currently texturing a character head in XSI and cant figure out how to get spec to show up in some places and not in others? In the old soft i’d use an black and white image to define that but I cant figure out where to hook that up in XSI. Im using a phong and have already defined the diffuse and ambient channels. Also in the old softimage there was a ‘static blur’ option that i cant seem to find in XSI yet. Any help would be apprectiated.:buttrock: :buttrock:

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I don’t know about the blur. wait for someone to answer you this part.

The Spec thing. If you are not going to use spec map. it is easy. you go to your phong node. there has a spec enable or disable. have fun with it.

If you want to get a spec map. just bring up another picture node. and plug right into the “phong” node’s specular. (i don’t know if there has another way to get a spec_blend node. If yes, that will be more control to the spec)

However, what do i do to control the intensity of the spec, is to bring up an intensity node. plug your spec map to the intensity. and plug intensity to the “phone” spec. so that when you double click on the intensity node. you have the ablilty to adj the intensity.

I am not sure if it is the right way to do it. But i am using this most of the time. If anyone has any other “formula” of making it more controloble. I want to know too.


Yah thats basically what I had tried, im still playing around with all the different conections to see what I can cook up. But no luck so far, maybey someelse will know. Thanx



For a static blur you will need to setup a render tree that looks sorta like the following image:

The key controls are in the color correction node, I found that gamma and level were the parts that control the effect best.


Here’s the scene I used to make the above image.


visgoth thanx, do you know anything about the spec channel. I want to paint a color channel for the spec and also a black and white valued map to define where the spec is or how bright it is. for expample i want to be able to have full light on a model and have spec only where I define by a black and white map. do you or anyone else know how to do this thanx



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