Speaker and Microphones in R23?


Does anyone know what replaces the now apparently obsolete create - sound - speaker - microphone setup used in past versions?


Nothing. The functionality is completely gone.


So how is that an improvement?


Their is still the Sound Effector and Field…
If I’m not mistaken the old sound trinity was able to read only wav files which was not practical.
Anyway, incorporating sound during rendering is not practical. You could easily face problems that would only be solved using a video editor later.


If you want the speakers for audio playback and timing, either use the mograph sound effector or just add a null and give it a sound track in the timeline. If you were actually using the microphones to generate surround sound audio, then can I have your autograph? You are a special unicorn. In 20 years of using c4d you will be the first person I’ve ever known to use it.


It’s not. Apparently there are too little users for this functionality to warrant keeping it.
(If you haven’t noticed, the parallax bump is gone too.)


I want back that FLV render export :laughing:


C4d Has been able to handle mp3s & 4s for several recent versions


The main advantage to me was the ability to have the sound recorded relative to where the speakers and the mics were placed. As in a object passing by like a car or controlling the volume and balance in a scene. by the speaker / mic arrangement.


I suppose everybody is doing that on some other platform. I don’t know which one; I haven’t seen an adequate replacement yet. Perhaps manually?

Or maybe C4D is just not used for animation often enough, and motion graphics does not require these sound effects?


I’m sorry but that’s nonsense. C4D is certainly used for animation. Sound is usually added in post render processes for simple practicality reasons.


Easy to accomplish in any audio program or video editing platform with surround sound mixing capabilities.


how does an audio program know where the objects are and how they move? Are there any import capabilities for positional information over time, or do you have to recreate everything manually in the audio program?
(It’s not just the position after all, but also the distortion / doppler effect of moving sound sources) I would imagine that could be a lot of additional work?


Games have this sort of functionality themselves. For animation, tv and film., unless its purely independent, audio us going to be handled by someone else typically in a sound editing suite. Using sound editing softwares designed for dolby atmos, thx and what not.

Meanwhile the tool was hitting a stage where it doesn’t use current formats, current audio delivery standards, and no means to get that to the more important softwares in any meaningful way.

They need to support sound editing programs with something like their after effects integration. They need to export the setup to game engines in a compatible way.

Maxon added in user details back before i left over a decade ago, and can see how many people are using a feature. Not heavily used with large development needed to make it relevant is a goid argument to drop. If it also hinders core redevelopment or melange support etc even more reason to get it out of the way