SPD Water


I’ve been doing some tests using custom displacement maps to try to simulate water. Here the water bounces off the sides of the box. It is far from perfect but there is some potential here.

You can see an animation here.



Looks pretty perfect to me…! :thumbsup:

Is this done with proximal etc?


Thanks, it wasn’t done using proximal but by generating a displacement map using wave world in AE.



Oh man, you just love this cold warm colour composition!!! And so do I :).

So, you made a animated texture in AE, then what, just manualy tracked the ball on the surface?

Couse if that is the case, it looks freakin good.

Best regards to Brighton. Do you guys still have that night club called Event or something?


Thats insanely good. Very clever:)


Pretty simple procedure. In cinema animate the sphere. Render an editor render from top view. In AE track the sphere and then apply the animation data to the producer point of wave world. Output the greyscale map and use that with SPD in cinema.



oh true, the other way around!!!


very nice result tim…now you gotta funk-i-fy it…heh heh.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


AMAZING! Thanks for this great watereffect Tim.
FYI: Looking for waveworld came across this link: tutorial for creating displacement maps in AE: http://www.aefreemart.com/tutorials/background/dispmaps/makingdm.html




It looks amazing, and so do most of the animations on your gallery. Great work!!



wow, really nice result!



That’s some extraordinarily convincing water. Nice work!


Hi Tim,

can you post a direct link to the animation? I cannot see any pictures on your site (due to a hijacked browser :sad: ) and therefore cannot see any animation.



Hi Samir,

Here you go




thx Tim. Looking really great!


Wow, very cool !


Nice, very cool effect.
I also liked all the other animation test on your site. :thumbsup:


Beautiful work. I have to look into that ASAP.

Big fan of your experiments here. :thumbsup:


Holy Cow! That is one excellent experiment :slight_smile: I wish my “experiments” turned out that nicely …lol. Quite clever as well.


Very nice. How well does this method work with irregular borders?