Spawning particles into a new pointcloud... Help


Wow Spawning particles into a new pointcloud, is a horribly painful thing try and do!!!
I don’t understand exactly what I’m doing wrong. Maybe someone here knows.

Here’s my example.
I have a scene with rocks falling down, when they hit the ground they explode into rubble.
This part works fine.
But, when I try to make a puff of dust that happens on the point of impact, it becomes a lot harder.
It seems that when i spawn the particle into a new point cloud, it doesn’t inherit any of the spawn particle speed or direction parameters, it also seems that the new particle system is unable to use states :frowning:
If anyone knows anything about this pleeease help me



I won’t answer your question but

for me using ‘spawn on collision’ (to new empty point cloud) with ‘bounce off surface’ or any other similiar node just don’t work/creates single particles that doesn’t move and make xsi unstable (crash/some nodes turns red and only restart of xsi helps)

spawn on trigger (to new empty pc) works ok


anyway here a scene with a) pc with states b) pc with states+spawn on trigger to new point cloud

edit: cant attach 1mb file, I’ve uploaded it on


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