Spawning 2 particules at a distance


Hi all

I’m looking for a way of spawning 2 particles at a certain distance from each other so they are not spawned at the same position.

I’m making a cell division sim with box2 at the moment and my problem is once the cell has divided i spawn 2 more cells in its place and delete the parent. These cells are spawned in the same position so the physx world fires them apart causing a popping effect. I quite like this effect but the client is requesting something alittle smoother.
I have already fiddled with the collision tolerance to minimize the pop but the more i adjust it the more the cells interesect/pop.

Please see the video link below

If anyone has any suggestions i would be very grateful



I would also like to know how to do this.


I don’t use pflow but i doubt there is a way to accomplish task without scripting in vanila pflow.
So here is sample scene - i use simple script op to add/subtract random vector to positions of each spawned pair of particles.


Thanks so much thats a perfect solution,
I’ll post the finished max file for you later this week.



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