Spawn Fan art feedback and Crits needed


before go further with this i would like to hear crits and tips to improve the image


He is clearly Spawn which is good…but I can’t really tell what is happening in the lower frame or why Spawn is yelling at it?

<3 Spawn btw


more progress, next i will separate the different planes mid foreground and background and begin to render the main character, how can i add more drama and impact ? thanks in advance


What is the narrative you want to convey here? What is happening in this scene? In order to give you feedback, we need to know what it is you’re trying to communicate through this image.


hi, i just trying to practice a key shot kinda league of legends and have a excuse to practice environments and painting Spawn


As a visual artist, one of your most important purpose is to communicate ideas, emotions, and narratives visually. You can’t just think of yourself as someone who draws and paints pictures–you have to also think of yourself as a visual storyteller who has something to say, to express, to communicate. If you create images that have none of those qualities, then what is the purpose of your creativity? Professional comic book artists, concept artists for games and movies, illustrators, etc. all strive to communicate something in their work, so take some time and really think about why you’re creating image and what your want to communicate. You want more drama and impact, but “drama” implies some kind of story–a situation that is dramatic. So if you don’t even have a visual story to tell, then there is no drama. That is why you need to think of something you actually want to communicate with this image, so you have a narrative to illustrate, and with a clear purpose establishes, I can then help you target the emotions/moods/story you want to convey by giving feedback on the composition, the lighting, the color scheme, the body language and facial expression, etc., and whether they help you communicate those ideas.


i´ve tried to add more storytelling this time, a bit worried about how the colors came out


What is the narrative you’re trying to convey with the addition of Batman? What is Batman doing in this scene? Is he fighting alongside Spawn against a common enemy? If so, why isn’t the enemy actually shown in the scene? You have a conflict in the scene yet you don’t show half the cause of the conflict, with makes no narrative sense and makes the visual story a lot less compelling. This essentially is still just an image of Spawn yelling at an unseen enemy, which is objectively quite boring and pointless. You are a fairly proficient artist but you really need to learn about visual communication and storytelling. It’s like if someone knows grammar well, but have nothing to say or express as a writer, then all that grammar knowledge doesn’t help create a compelling piece of writing.

One of the most basic and important aspects of action visual storytelling is to identify and convey action/reaction, or cause/effect, and in this case, we see the reaction and the effect, but we don’t see the cause (the enemy), so you’re missing half of the visual story. It’s possible to have a compelling visual story without seeing the enemy, but the reaction would have to be compelling, such as someone running up a wall or diving off a cliff to avoid a rain of arrows–we see compelling reaction without needing to see who’s shooting the arrows. Here, Spawn is just yelling, so there’s nothing compelling at all about his reaction. Batman is actually more interesting in his body language and he’s just a tiny figure in the background.

As for colors, It seems the green glowing lava is a very prominent light source, yet its illumination on everything in the scene is quite limited. You also have a pinkish light source too, and it’s also showing inconsistent range of illumination in the scene. You might have a third light source, which is some kind of bluish ambient light, and if that’s the case, its brightness seems to be less intense than the green and pink lights, so those other two light source color casts should dominate–at least in the foreground. The vivid red we see in the scene looks incorrect because none of your light sources appear to be neutral in color cast, so the red needs to take on the color cast of your light sources.


First of all thank you for helping me Robert. I really appreciate your advice and they give me a lot to think about. I have always thought that my images are boring and do not transmit anything. Can you recommend me or advise me something to study that improves my skills in visual communication and storytelling?
Thank you very much again, I think you really opened my eyes.


Yes, in fact, I teach an online workshop that covers everything I’ve touched upon in my previous posts, plus so much more. It’s a course called “Becoming a Better Artist,” and my past students have included professional art directors, concept artists, illustrators, comic book artists, animators, 3D artists, photographers, graphic designers, fine artists, etc., as well as aspiring artists and hobbyist beginners. Artists of every level can learn a lot from the workshop because it covers all the critical foundations of visual art, visual storytelling/communication, aesthetic sensibility, stylization, expressiveness, developing a compelling creative vision, effective artistic development and career development, dealing with emotional/psychological hardships as an artist, and much more. You can find out the details in my signature below (it’s a link to the course description page, which has all the details).

You can also check out the official thread for the workshop, where I answered a lot of questions about the course, as well as testimonials from many past students:


Oh thanks Robert, I did the course a few years ago, although I could not get all the juice I would have liked.
Now i´m doing an Environment sketching workshop and i spent my money on it.
I would love to do the course again because now I have another attitude towards my art
and I currently live from it, and I think I would use it a lot more now, but I can not afford it right now.


When did you take the workshop (month/year?). Did you post a lot during the workshop? I usually have a fairly strong impression of my students if they actually participated, but I don’t recall interacting with you or your work clearly (and also it’s been a while and I have taught many students throughout the years).

If you never really took advantage of all that the workshop has to teach you, you might want to go to the private Alumni Lounge forum, where you still have access to all the course content and post your assignments and questions and discussions for feedback. Send me a PM or email and I’ll give you the link to it.


Private message sent (sorry i think i sent it twice). Thanks so much Robert