Spas-15 Revisted


I’ve spent some time… Redoing some parts, and updating the look… here’s what I have!

Reason for the black is because I saved it before it finished rendering… Was really tired, it was late at night :stuck_out_tongue:


Its too dark to see anything.

Can we get some wires, too?


seems to be a solid modeling
but you totally missed out the aiming device

here’s a picture

you can see the aiming device at the front grip and at tragic.
hope these are the right explainations about the parts of the gun :rolleyes:
so you’ll what i want to mention


Wow, thanks! I was wondering what that was… Since I only have a side-pic of the gun :slight_smile:


Looks nice, id like to see a better render and a wire though :wink:


me likes it :smiley: but i would add some detail o the mag, and remove some detail from the main part, details that can be achieved via texturing :slight_smile:

  • proudclod

i would never bank on just one simple ref from the side. you’ll never see the hole details, or you’ll even interprete some details wrong.
so try to find one from the side (for propertions)
and several from any perspective to get the whole details.


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