Sparkling glimmer metallic material


Hi everyone,
I am struggling with something i believe should be simple to fix. I am trying to mock up a credit/debit card in 3D, this card should have some glittery/glimmery metallic finish. I have found a set of materials to work with, but I am unable to get the same effect on a planar surface. Anyone have any ideas?


Yeah I’ve had the same experience, I find a great material, slap it on some letters, and poof! The cool effect seems to disappear. In my experience, the fix comes from two things: lighting and camera movement. If you can’t move the camera (or object), then you’ll have to move the light around, because to pick up those speculars and metallic effects, the light falling on a flat object has to change in order to make the effect visible. Look at some CC ads on youtube to see if you can find a reference for how they treat the card, how they move it, what looks they use, etc.


Credit cards themselves are rarely perfectly flat, a slight curve (deformer) might be enough to help pick up those effects, or expand the angle at which they appear.


When ever I have a flat surface I always now put a large scale noise into the bump channel and reduce it down to taste. Sometimes this can be 1% with a very low delta setting. This seems counter intuitive, but surfaces are rarely perfectly planar. Take a look at reflections on a car surface and you will see distortions on what you assume to be a rather perfect surface. Also I have taken to adding imperfections to the surface specular and reflection, even very subtle ones can lift something from looking CG to the next level. Also a credit card by dint of it’s size will require some depth of field type effects to look realistic, if looking at it up close.


Here’s a quick metal flake without using danel …
Texture on attached zip.


Nice solution… Thanks!