Spares: the begining


Hi all,

This is actually not finished, but im at a point where i can post this here to look like a complete finished image. Eventually it will be a full character for a short film!

I think you can all guess who i go my inspiration from for these pics Meats Meier, as I think he’s one of the best artists out there and he inspires alot of us!!

Anyways, hopefully ive provided you with enough stuff to keep you occupied, anything else just shout!!!



yada yada:

And another:


And for all thse people who insist on seeing wires for evrything!!!:rolleyes:

and another:

Tech stuff!

All modeled and rendered in Maya 5 unlimited, default render, 4 lights and i’ve forgotten how many polies!!

Cheers guys, comments and crits are really welcome.



oh yea, if anyone cant see the pics give me a shout, having some hosting problems!


looks awesome man, can’t wait to see te full character
could you tell us how much time already got into it so far?

again, very nice


Yep, I thought of Meats even before I read your comments. How long did this take?


so far its around 6 hours of work, im quite a quick modeler when i get started, but things always slow down a little in the middle, and thats the point im at at the moment, but im sure it will be finished within the week.

Cheers for the comments guys, and ill keep you posted!


come on guys, give me some usefull crits!


yo … Liquidminduk… sweet work man your style reminds me of Meats Meier…:thumbsup:
i would love to do a similer project one day :slight_smile:

i cant make any critz at the moment the only thing i can say is keep up the good work man
and i cant wait to see more progress…

anyways cheers man…



That looks great gonna have to check out your reference guy if his stuff looks like that. Love how the wires make up the body great concept… Got no critiques looks great. Keep up the good work:scream:


cheers guys, or gals, appreciate the feedback, and i would really advise checking out meiers work:buttrock:



What kind of technics you use to model it keeping human proportions?

I can’t believe that you put one wire each time…then another one…then another one…ecc without a “human base”!



cheers cut,

im actually pretty good with human anatomy because i did a drawing course in it, so it came kind of second nature in this, the facial muscles are pretty much in the correct places, apart from a few which i added to make it look more dynamic.

remember, once you mace one wire, you can duplicate it and tweak it!:slight_smile:



All right…you’re working with the “screwdriver” :slight_smile:




a quick question:

why did u use polygons over nurbs?


originally nurbs, converted to polygons for more fine tuning and mirroring.

  • i work better with polies, always have:)


I like the way all the contours follow the mucle lines. I also like the way there are bits with more and less density of lines, and bits with no lines. If you pay attention to the composition of the lines around the whole figure, this could be mega cool.

PS. how’s your rendertime? can’t wait for the short film…


Maybe you could just tweak that one that goes down the middle of the nose. It just doesn’t look like a cool profile. you know, you gotta have like, the Brad pitt nose or whatever, then people will think it looks extra cool.

sorry if that sounds like a lame thing to say, just trying to be constructive.


Cheers DK,

need all the crits I can get, I will tweak the nose a little and see what it looks like, i just dont want to go for the normal look, something a little different from the things we see evry day, but like i said will give it a blast.

As for render time, at the moment its conciderably short due to the character being the only thing in the scene, around 3-4 mins

Cheers again,



Oh wow great job. Love the amount of detail. Wish we had more projects like this.

If your looking for a couple ideas I have a couple. The way you have it layed out is nice, but perhaps tangle the different groups together? Right now you have one “muscle” group pretty much stacked one on top of the other. I would like to see the different splines going over and under each other. If that doesn’t make sense I can elaborate…

Also the fact that most of the “wires” are pretty much the same thinkness. You do have some variation in the strands, but would love to see you take it up a notch. Would help increase the chaos factor in the image.

As an art piece, please completely disregard this comment if it conflicts with the feeling you are trying to convey. But the amount of brightness in they eye seems to high to me. Your model is extremely detailed, and the eye radiance completely washes out the entire area. I would actually go for a very wirey looking eyeball with some self illumination. Followed by a built in eye socket to see further detail. But the way you have it now is also interesting.

I can understand how the eyes are the windows to the soul and how this could be interpreted. The obsene amount of detail in the face, followed but a shining light obliterating all detail in the eye. Our challenge to explain everything in the world. but spirituality eludes us? Am I reading to much into this? :rolleyes:

Nice job so far…