Spare tickets for expo?


I know that is really unpolite to ask for tickets, fi is a bad idea can delete the post.

I jsut lost a ticket as my computer crashed and I couldnt give the asnwer bad to him to send me the ticket.

I dont have the money at all to go there now, but I would love to go… It would be an amazing experience.

Im new to 3d come from brazil to do college here and for now i study at DVC on the san fransisco bay area.

If anyone have a spare ticket from a company or something like that, I would do anything to get one. Thanks and sorry again if it is really unpolite to ask here.

Tiago Tscha


Hey Tiago,
Give me your address, and I will put a ticket in the mail for you tomorrow!! Always happy to help out where ever we can!




Hey Michael,

I sent you a pm about it too, didnt know if you got them or not (beer in exchange like asked :P)


And now the forum cliche: Me too. May I politely ask for one too?

I used to pay for the $50 student expo pass, but I graduated and couldn’t afford the $200 non-student expo pass. Thanks.


does students pay less?

$50 buckes is more afortable for everyone


Might as well throw my request in as well. I live like 6 blocks from the Moscone center, I’ll buy a few rounds for whoever can come up with a ticket for me.


don’t suppose you could throw in one for me? heh


Hey Guys, Just to let everyone know…all the tickets are gone. Sorry, wish I had more!

I hope everyone that got one has fun, and enjoys the show. Please, stop by the booth and say hi when you get a chance.




hay is this sending tickets free?


I didn’t even see a student price on the GDC site… I still have my school ID :wink:


Does anyone know if they have student tickets for sale? I remember I bought it last year, but cant find any this year. A friend and I are planning on going, but we have big trouble being able to pay full price. We were hoping that they would post student prices, but haven’t seen any.


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