SPAM issue


Hello I’m new here, found this site because I wanted to migrate from DeviantArt but I’ve noticed a considerable issue of Bots and SPAM messages / comments on new artworks posted by me and by others.
Does the site owners / moderators working on a solution?


The sad truth here is that you discovered this site about 10 years too late - at least. It was once super thriving, amazingly popular, and THE place to be for CG pros. The dynamic changed massively after the 2008/2010 recession. Contests were (mostly) gone. A bunch of admins/mods left. Core members moved on to more profitable endeavors; Sites like this are fun visit, but don’t pay the bills. Some behind the scenes business stuff happened along the way and the priority, seemingly, became the CG Society front page. Consequently, the forums were allowed to slowly rot. Even the most die hard of admins don’t appear much anymore, if at all. CG Talk is a wasteland. Dead, but not buried yet. You’re better off finding a handful of Discords, FB groups, or small boards. This site is just a sad reminder that the climate has changed and forums are pretty much antiques compared to social media, which is far more real time, albeit decidedly less helpful in too many ways.


That is indeed sad! :frowning:
I’m not really here for profitability, just wishes a place to post my warship drawings and discuss them between the commenters or people interested in. And to show them to the world etc.
I like the site options so far though, multiple images per post (like Pixiv) no character limit in the description, and options for TAGs (though only 10 )
But if you written is true then I have to look again.
I’ve tried Ello, but that too seems dead, Artfol seems not going to start at all.
I’m not registered to Facebook nor want to nor want my works posted there. Discord is for discussions but it’s not like an image board or art site rather a chat program. I’m online on the Secret Projects forum though.


I would be very much surprised if there were any admins/mods from 10 years ago left. I was one of the last to leave.
To the OP, check out Art Station


Yeah. Former mainstays like Roberto and Leigh have seemingly long abandoned the site ages ago. You’re literally one of the only familiar faces from “the old days” to pop up now and then.

As for ArtStation, it really has two main problems:

  1. Visibility: While their algorithm does a decent job of rotating content, it’s still pretty tough for new works to hit that main page. There’s just so much content there that, regardless of quality, it might be weeks or months before pieces get discovered. From an art lover’s perspective, that’s a good thing - having this plethora of new content to enjoy. For new artists or those looking for immediate exposure, however, that can be pretty disconcerting.

  2. The community isn’t all that interactive or constructive. Likes and follows are nice, but the comment section is mostly full of complimentary nonsense. “Great job!” “Amazing work!” “Teach me, master.” That’s all fine and well, having your ego stroked once and again, but it’s hardly a way to grow your skills or get objective critiques. That’s where sites like CG Talk shone. Social media such as FB are no better; Worse even since it’s mostly populated by newbies and poseurs.

IMO, ArtStation is great, but almost too big for its own good. The OP should certainly add it to their hangout list, but should also pursue additional venues for added exposure and interactivity. As far as Discord servers go, he may also want to look into The Rookies ( since it caters to artists of multiple skill levels.


I am on ArtStation:

But that site is rather well somewhat difficult to get a general look. It’s okay that the art’s page is dedicated to the art but sometimes the description or comment section is just as important.