SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch


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Just simple animation of SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, which I created to kill time mainly before real Falcon Heavy launch happens. But I did not manage it in time for the real Falcon Heavy launch. So I am posting it after the launch, at least I had time to finish all I wanted to include to this animation. I was so exicet for it so I started to create full recreation of all procedures during rocket launch like Falcon Heavy. I thing I finished like half way to the finish line, because I would like to move to other animations, however I am satisfied with the result.

I wanted to do it before main Falcon Heavy launch starts, but I was not fast enough. So I took some time to make it properly. And now I share it with you guys!

It is little bit rough but not so bad I suppose. I am still learning Blender or any kind of 3D modeling and animation. I am into animation mainly… 3D or even 2D animation is just my hobby, but learning how to animate is something I want to do and that is why I created this animation, to learn little bit more of Blender and 3D stuff in general. So it is not perfect but I also learned a lot during the process.

If you like it feel free to give me some feedback. I will not be angry with you


Not too bad! Yours is almost as good as the CGI they’re using to pretend this is a real company with a real product. Good work!


Thank you :love: