I believe the ultimate in future transport will be the personal spaceship. We will have sleeker cars, faster trains and all manner of fantastic new ways to get about but there will be no greater symbol of human technological achievement than the ability to enter space on a whim.

I drew this in Sketchbook Pro using a Wacom Intuos 3.


Nice Clean design!

This sketchbook pro im downloading a trial version now, never heard of this program.
im using opencanvas 1

ever heard of the program
pretty Good program better than Photoshop


your sketch looks good, with an “akira” style, and very clean , with few things this drawing provides big feeling of the perspective, and with a futuristic and mecanics design.
i like it!


Love it, so minimal. Very storm-trooper-ish.


My favorite, good luck




Cool. you really feel the huge scale of the craft


Nice. Different and Interesting.



Thanks for the very kind words guys, you made my day! :slight_smile:

Ryan, I haven’t used OpenCanvas but I bought CS4 the other day, so I’m pretty committed to it. SBPro is fantastic, glad you were inspired to check it out.



cool design, pretty huge vehicle, i like the simplicity of the render… good luck!!


I like it. Nice Style. Clean and Futuristic :wink:


Thanks cgdigi, good luck to you too! :slight_smile:

robotlove86: thanks!



Your sketch looks fantastic. Its very original very syd mead style. I hope you get a chance to color it in and finish this piece of work, gl my friend…


Thanks man, although it is finished. :slight_smile: There are two types of Syd Mead pieces- the graphic marker sketches and the full on illustrations. I chose the graphic because they’re my personal favourite pieces amongst his work and the main reason I love buying his books. “Pure industrial design”, so to speak. I made sure I clarified that at the start in the faq, just in case, as some people are more familiar with the retro full colour scenes.


This one really reminds me of Syd Meads studio sketches. Very nice presentation. Good luck.



thanks mate! :slight_smile:


I love sense of design. WICKED!


cheers man. :slight_smile:


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