Thanks man for your link! Do you know any place where I can find concept art of sci-fi?


Check out

Some cool work here by an excellent artist :O)


Thanks bro!


thats an at-at

the basic forms are definately pretty close…


yeap, now I see! Does anybody like sci-fi modelling? Share with your ideas and works. Who likes to model motherships, send me concept or renders of your works.


oops accidently posted in the wrong thread


nice work by the way :slight_smile:


Thats a pretty cool looking ship right there! :thumbsup:

are you going to make more ships?


2Dene of Terror: Yeap! Now I deciding what type of spaceship to do?


i think some kind of Dreadnaught would be cool. something with really big guns, maybe even model some damage on it.


2Dene of Terror: what is Dreadnaught? maybe some links on pictures to understand the type of ship?


a dreadnaught is basically a really huge battle ship.


Dene of Terror: for what purposes?(battleship, transport, science)


well, dreadnaughts are mainly for battle and may have a small compliment of fighters.
they usually have massive guns and armour
also, are much bigger than a battleship or cruiser.

a ‘Dreadnaught’ is a type of vessel that hasnt been used in many decades for naval service, but it is a name that the sci-fi community is fond of, it sounds big and mean, and often the ships of a ‘Dreadnaught’ class are just that, big, scary and full of guns that could destroy most other ships. these ships are slow, clumsy and easy targets, but a dreadnaughts’ defences more than compensate for these disadvantages.


2Dene of Terror: Now I see! Maybe I decide to do Dreadnaught


Ok this is a Dreadnaught :twisted:. The one with teh big bad Ion cannon :slight_smile:
And this is Sajuuk mega-ultimate mother ship of all mother ships :twisted:.
Well I hope I’ve been helpful enough :slight_smile:

If you wish I’ll send you some pics of the Bentus, the second mega-ultimate mothership in Homeworld 2. I’ve always wanted to model those, but never started. Maybe I’ll make Sajuuk on of these days… Well anyway good luck!


I like the style!!! nice nice…


nice to see people other than myself doing the whole ‘big-nasty-front-cannon’ thing. :scream:


2Borro: I saw banners of REDRIVAL only(no spaceships!!)


Hmm open the links and press F5 a couple of thousand times works - with me…


2Borro: I’ll try!!

Does anybody make robots like in Mechwarrior ???