I was playing Homeworld 2 and so scatch of this ship, so I decided to model it


Looks super great! I played the game and I think you did a good job on the ship. Btw did you play all the missions? Anyway you should model the mothership from the last missions, cuz its design is stunning! Congrats again on the job well done!


2Borro: no, I didn’t play all the missions, so when I will see those mothership, maybe I’ll model it!


Very impressive, I really like it. No crits from me, Keep up the good work.


I like it.

My only crit is that the AT-AT’s head at the rear of the vessel is a bit distracting.



Thanks all of you for your words and critics, I’ll made mothership in a few month


U really captured the mood of Homeworld on your picture. I love everything on it. Color theme, modelings, lights, textures :slight_smile:


Thanks man! what do you think about environment and atmosphere at all ?


so, i’ll like to model the mothership in a few month!!!


Homeworld? i thought it was the one from FreeSpace2, terran mothership
with Massive Ion beams ready to rip the shivans a new one.

Good job


Anybody knows where can I find something to inspire me, sci-fi, scatches and so on?


very nice, I dont see anything really wrong with it


that’s way cool :slight_smile:


Anybody knows any sci-fi resources in web?


WOW, thats nice!, i have a question though can anyone direct me to a thread were i can request a model/ skin ?


very nice render. I just noticed it, but is that an AT-AT head on the back end?


2adrda: what type of model and skin you are talking about?

2JasonA: Thanks, for your comment. I’m not very good at English, so what is AT-AT ?


Very nice work. it does look rather clean though…Especially toward the front of the ship.

An AT-AT is the 4-legged walker from Star Wars… the ones that attacked the Hoth Base. It does look kinda like the head of one, but not entirely.


2Divideby0: Yeah, it’s have some same thing beetwing AT-AT, I saw it some time ago!

#20 is on of the biggest sci-fi resources on the web.

Nice model by the way.