Spacemarine walkcycle



This is my first entry on CGtalk and it is a walkcycle for my spacemarine…
Im not satisfied with it yet, so I would like to get some feedback on it from you guys.


cheers /Nerphin


looks pretty good. maybe just a little more up and down on his body like hes weighs more. im not sure if hes supposed to be on the moon or somewhere with less gravity. then it works very well i think.


Looks good if your asking me. Somhow it looks like he’s skating… :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s the only thing I’ve to creatic…


great job!!! but i think that the foot, before the contact of the heel , fall down a little bit too fast


I have worked on various other project.

But today I found the time to update my cycle on the marine =)

here it is!

Give critic if you find ANYTHING that can be improved.

Btw, I have also changed accountname :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like your headed in the right direction. Looking at your first video i’d say the upper body neads to roll more. Right now it seems to just be going from side to side between 2 poses.


The first video is old and I have completely rewamped it, as you (hopefully) can see in the next video. so there is not really any need to comment that, but thanks anyway ofcourse. Do you have any input on the updated video?


Can you put up a video of the 2nd one with different views, like the first one?


The second vid seems like he is running.
The weight shifting between his legs and feet and too far apart, on his down pose, his back foot is almost off the ground before his weight is on his leading foot, as a run cycle this would be good.


it is a run cycle.


I think he’s calling a run cycle a walk cycle is what the confusion is. At least I hope that’s the case.


yeah I wrote wrong in the thread, sorry. I call it a semi-run cycle as you can see in the video on youtube, as he is not running as fast as he can.


Cool beans.


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