Spaceman In Trouble., Niels Jansson (Animation)


Title: Spaceman In Trouble.
Name: Niels Jansson
Country: Spain
Software: Maya

This is a promo image for 5 spots I’m doing with this character for national tv. Models are done in Lightwave, animation and rendering in Maya.


nicely done and rendered.

but i cant tell if the ufo is a toy ufo hes flying and falling on him?
or its a real life UFO falling in the far BG.

you can make it more understandable if there is a reflection of the falling ufo on his helmet.

good stuff


congratulation niels !!

really cool renderig … how about the animation ?
the stuff you showed me long time ago was so cool !!!


hey Niels,

Excellent stuff and really funny too… as usual !!



Hi Niels

Very nice shading and cool character. :thumbsup:
I would like to see the animations when there done.



great job (as usual) :thumbsup:
I agree with aazimkhan’s comments.
That character oozes charisma tho, love it.

I’m still waiting to see the finished animation…:shrug:



Great , awesome , but I think if the legs were a little turned it would show more (lost of control)


Thanx everyone.

Please keep the critiques (and the kind words) coming!


Very nice, i love the rendering style of the image, very cartoony.


Nice one Niels :thumbsup:

Now we want to some animations :smiley:


nice shaders! hope to see an animation soon!


Thanx for all the kind words. I will post the animations as soon as they have been broadcast on the telly (and I have been paid - muhuhahaha).


Haha the surface where he is standing on makes me laugh. (of course in the positive way)


You’ve got that comicness nicely worked out Niels!! Now let’s finnish some of those wacky projects you got there and prepare for kk world domination tour :slight_smile:

Zit je nu in Spanje?



Here’s a couple of animated spots with the spaceman:

Problems playing the avi? Try this:


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