SpaceCraft (ArtTest)


Please comment i need all crit to make it as good as possible, as its for an art test…


updated skin with glamour shot


Modeling looks fine, although it’s hard to tell without wires…

The texturing doesn’t sell the scale of the ship, however. It looks to be maybe a foot tall, judging from the size of the cut lines and detail. Also, and this is just a style thing, a space ship would probably be dirty as hell if you were going for realism.


ok the person just fits in the cockpit there, how would u suggest I make it looks larger?

Im not shure if they want lots of dirt, in the concept its very slick looking


which is better? the close one is a updated skin the back one is the original…


way too many polys for somthing that simple. Pu some grit that has been pushed along the seems by way of speed. Make the inside hole where the person sits darker. Put some letters on the side that say somthing like SPSH1. Put some kind of glow in the pocets on the engine connector structure.

closer one cause it brighter, but the dirt is unmotivated.


ok so my checklist todo :

  • add glow around engines
  • add dirt/worn fx from speed
  • text fx

what do u mean by “Put some kind of glow in the pocets on the engine connector structure.” u mean around the engine streams?

and where the person sits, u mean the innter of the cylinder darker?


ok updated


ok updated , please crit more …


You have brown/red stuff on your ship which wouldn’t happen in space. The kind of wear and tear you’d have would be from things being worn away by the speed. Seeing lower layers of metal, burnt parts, melted parts… that kinda thing.


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