Space worker, Guillaume Tiberghien (3D)


As with the other comments, this is what 3D modeling is all about. Great creative work. -Gus


Nice modeling and texturing Guillaume.


it’s there (as mentionned in the original post):

Nice effort Guillaume :thumbsup: I must say I am loving the artwork a bit more, but your 3d version is still looking pretty cool!




heheheh very funny & very good modeling i like it 2 much , but if u wont jest change the backgruond ok

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


LOL! :cool:

Nice use of expression, man! loved the lights and textures!

very nice stuff!

(would be even more greater to see it animated!)


yeah its a great copy.


I always loved the drawing an you did a really great job in recreating it in 3D!
But as some others said before, perhaps experiment with the lighting to make it more different from the original. A different pose might be hard, since I don’t assume you had that monster rigged?


congratulate , nice job
great modeling . :thumbsup:


Saw the original concept and liked it. And this is a great 3D conversion of it. Top !!!


Amazing, no crits. I expecially love the texturing! Wow ^^


This is cool man. really like it



Fantastic work! Has very much the same feel as the original.


Salut, man, c´est le fun en maudit celle la! Bravo!

Moi, j´ai fait un cours de modelage au Campus Ubi l´année passé. (fiasco…) mais l´expériemce a value la peine.

Keep on doing it man!
Fred the Fredler


gratz buddy!


Awesome work man.


Beautiful Monkey exo-squeleton!
I like it!

Keep it up! :wink:


I love it - looks like some Resin modell - great details!



DAMMIT!!! I wanted to model that still…guess “you snooze you lose” would be the right thing to say :stuck_out_tongue:

WELL DONE! looks Wicked, and dont think i coulda done it any better :wink:

Did you do any rigging?
mind showing off some wires?


Perfect position, typical monkey!:cool:


Really great modeling and characters .
Great pose too .
Just little crit about the picture composition that could be enhanced a bit imo .

Except that really great clean job done on modeling :thumbsup: