Space worker, Guillaume Tiberghien (3D)


Title: Space worker
Name: Guillaume Tiberghien
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, XSI, ZBrush

This is based on a drawing by Kai Spannuth and Mario Leuschner
( I used zspheres to get the shape of the 3 characters, worked the forms with basic shapes and then refined, refined, refined. The modeling is kind of soft but i wanted to focus on the big picture and not spend to much time on any single part. Thanks to the original creators from who i learned a lot in the process.


awesome as usual man!!. :wink:


Very good!
Perfect position, typical monkey!


Cool is not a good enough exclamation…Freakin’ awesome sorta works. This is such a neat idea! Great modeling and texture work on this…


Wow !! Fantastic job man !!


Very cute, nice posture :slight_smile:

  • Ty


great idea!
Pretty cool scene


lol! i remember this concept! awesome job!

and gratz on character modeling 3


Wow,nice image!


This is Freaking awesome modeling. My only crit is, I wish you had put him in a different pose, or differnt camera angle, or different lighting or something to make it different than the original drawing. Your modeling and composition is so accurate it’s hard to tell the difference between the two, espcecially at low res. great stuff, but would love to see this guy in a different scene.


remember this one, you did a fantastic render :drool:


love it… 5*


wow irts ausum nice detail i rellly like the main ideah great work lol


wow ,excellent :thumbsup:




5 stars man, no doubt.

Very very nice model.

what about those draws people are talking about? Where could I see it?


This is A W S O M E, I know a band named babuino quasar, and their pet reminds me a little bit of this, your work is great


Wow this is great, The overall concept is hilarious but amazing.


LOVED the original 2D image, awsome work on the transition to 3D.


Funny as hell. You pulled it off nicely.