Space ship Exhaust using Dynamics. With example Video.


I am looking to creating something similar to a jet engine, but more of a spaceship engine look with both flames and some lightly transparent smoke. A prime example might look something like this.
I know it is from Halo 2, but it is the only look that seems to look appropriate for a spaceship engine appearance. I seem to be having issues with getting the right look. Most of the time the particles don’t appear in the right shape or form and their life span it too long. What would i do to get the right shape that looks like that one in the video as well as have the particles not last as long?
Also, should I use a 3D container with a emitter? Or would it be better do use something else?
For further information, I am working on creating a space battle within Maya and it has moving space ships and small aircraft in it. So I might be using this engine exhaust look a lot.



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