Space Pirate Harlock Trailer



Can’t help but say OMG! The trailer looks impressive and I’m glad to see a CG feature that’s not Pixar or Dreamworks with talking animals. I really hope this stands up to the legendary manga and anime that it is.

The arcadia looks awsome and looks original. Lets hope this is going to be a great space opera and maybe more anime or manga be adapted this way. Wonder if this is going to be voiced by Japanese Seiyuu?

Looks like it being made by Toei who’s haven’t done a CG on this scale, hope they do a good job.


love those space lasers.


Love that anime series. Looking forward to seeing this.


This project is directed by Shinji Aramaki, so I’m hoping that it’s not another Starship Troopers: Invasion if you know what I mean. In other words, “PleaseDon’tSuckPleaseDon’tSuck.”


It already looks like there won’t be any of the flat shaders that appeared in Starship Troopers Invasion - or at least the darkness of space will help to hide them or add more volume to shadows.

Those will be an improvement. I still have concerns about the voice-acting (if the narrator is any indication).


nice, they keeping the dark enviroment


I dig the retro styling, like the 2D Yamato remake.

It’s crucial for CG anime that they retain the actual movement and style, like how Pixar basically do a 3D version of classic squash and stretch. Without it the films are static and lifeless like a poorly done 80’s videogame cutscene.

The models in this look excellent and suggest it could actually go that way in the animation too. Hard to tell at this point.


It looks good, but that narration is horrendous. Here is another video, though in French, which shows some different scenes from the movie, and some sword fighting… It also includes an interview with Leiji Matsumoto.


Interesting …uh… video site… hehehe.


That looks pretty good! (At least its not a talking animals movie…)

I would love to see a longer trailer…


This looks like great fun!

The atmosphere is very attractive. Not sure about the skull ship shot, that looked a bit weird.
Looking forward to it.


who is working on it?


Toei Animation is working on it. It’s a Japanese Anime Studio who normally do traditional 2D ainmation such as Dragon Ball Z and One Piece. Hopefully they can pull it off as I’ve said before, they haven’t done a CG feature of this scale before. The budget is 30 million US Dollars, relatively small compared to films from Pixar or Dreamworks but the trailer looks great, you can find the info here-


This looks fantastic! Hopefully the full feature won’t be a let down. Question though, is this english or japanese acted? Because the english narrator was HORRENDOUS. lol


I believe a Korean company, AZWorks, is also working on it too.


looks amazing in the trailer .toe can defininetly pull this off . can t wait to see queen emeraldas o.o


Yes! :applause:
Looks very promising. Now as long as that bird thing doesn’t talk I’m sold so far.


Finally something not pixar like.

Looks great!


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