space navigator support


I recently bought a 3dconnexion space navigator because I had previously used similar products with another modelling program, and I thought it made certain tasks easier (such as manipulating the position of an object with the space navigator while picking points with the mouse)

Much to my surprise and disappointment, I find that space navigator support is not as universal as mouse support. Apparently, in order for it to work at all, an application must be programmed to support it… and Silo doesn’t support it!

Having said all that… is there any chance that Silo might someday support the space navigator?

(Here’s a link to their website where they offer an SDK for providing such support)


I would also like to see this device supported as well. In fact I’m a bit surprised that it’s not supported in all 3d-related apps, though many do support it. I’ve been using a space navigator for over six years and it’s such a big part of my work flow that I can’t imagine a more efficient way to work. Particularly when modeling, sculpting and painting, or even when exploring different points of view in a 3d scene.