Space girl


Hi everybody,

After 6 years of absence on cgtalk here I am again. I got some free time these days so I decided to build a new 3D character. So the story behind my character is about humain in a far future doing an expedition into space to explore the nearest black hole and all the phenomenon that come with it… So my character is the commander of the space ship that will fly to that black hole. I wanted something close to real but somehow different so I played with the proportion to achieve that human race of the future, long silhouette, big eyes, long neck,etc… I really like the clean sleek futuristic look so I got my inspiration from many sources but to name few, I was highly influenced by mass effect, battlestar galactica, star wars, sunshine etc… I am more a 3D artist than a concept artist but anyway I decided to give it a try. Any comments and critics are welcome.



My first z_brush model it was about time…comments and crits are always welcome.

sorry I had too remove the link to bigger picture (photobucket seem’s not to like naked 3D model)…


It’s been a while since I posted stuff on cgtalk an I don’t remember how to post the image in a bigger size instead of the little thumbnail. Any body know how to do that ?

I found it! thanks Jack


Here is a close up for the face. Comments would be really appreciated. I am wondering if the face is ok or need more refinement before going with the re-topology. Thanks


concept are beutifull


…Love the concept art though one thing does bother me about it, the long neck is the main thing that looks really stylised (OK the eyes too) but everything else looks like realistic proportions. Concept also kinda looks like Kristen Kreuk (Smallville).


@ Rytis thanks man

@ Artdigital thanks for your comment. I think your right. I will retouch the body as I am modeling it. I will elongate the body/arms/legs. I want something that still look “humain” but a humain of far future, like if they grow up in space with less gravity. So I supposed they would grow taller without the full gravity. So I’ll make sure we can see it more clearly.

Yes I use an image of Kristen Kreuk for the concept :wink: I quickly modified the size of the eyes, mouth, jaw line and nose. But clearly she’s still to recognizable hehe. I made some change in 3D so it will not be so obvious.



Continuing the modeling. I am not finish with the body yet but I decided to build a part a the suit just to see how everything fit together. Let me know what you think of the suit.

this last render is just to show the individual pieces that make the suit


I really liked this armor. It’s cool the way you created the parts that fit perfectly, forming the suit.


Very nice concept drawing! I like the long neck together with the somewhat stylised face. Only the arms look rather short (which you’ve mentioned already yourself), but otherwise a neat character. Nice also the new top of her suit. The exploded view makes me wonder a bit how these sci-fi guys take off their suits before going to bed. Maybe some sort of fastener would give a nice detail.(but don’t listen to me, i’m really not a specialist for body armour)

Looking forward to see your commander getting awesome! :slight_smile:


@danishihandai : thanks man. It’s really appreciated.

@zokana : Thanks for the kind word. For the suit, I supposed it’s a bit like the “Iron Man” way to dress up. Pieces wrapping up around her and locking into place. Maybe I can do a little animation after my character is done to show how she put it on. But this is a long term project hehe my first goal is to produce only one image :slight_smile: For now I think I’ll go back on improving the head I’ll put the ears on and push the face a bit more. If you have any advice please tell me. Your c&c are always welcome. Thanks again:beer:


Very nice progress with the body modeling. The armor is coming along nicely.

Hope to see more,



Don’t take it too seriously what i wrote - i don’t even have a clue about that Iron Man outfit.(sometimes i feel like being myself the alien here at CGTalk :smiley: )

Nonetheless, two more cents for the moment:

I can see a tendency of very soft and round shapes in your modeling of the body, which looks nice and clean, but you could try to define those round surfaces with subtly boxy shapes a little more - just some slightly sharper curves at the right places, not necessarily a more muscular look.(those shoulders are offering a nice opportunity to do so)

Concerning the face: looks very cute so far. Except maybe the bridge of the nose, which is rather bulky in relation to the tiny nose - the whole area between the eyes could be much smoother imo. And that bridge could go more in, making the inner part of the eyes looking pushed back at the moment.

Hope it’s more useful this time :smiley:


Looks nice though the neck looks a bit long. I love the colors that you have so far though.


I like how it seems like the pieces of armor lock into place. It’s looks really cleanly done visually. I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses.


Just a quick update for the face. Comments are always welcome. :slight_smile:

@ AlexCo : Thanks for the kind word it’s really appreciated!

@ zokana : Thanks a lot for your advice it’s really helpful, I reworked the head, I put the nose bridge thinner and pull forward the eyes a bit and I also added the ears. For the body I will push it further for sure. Thanks for your tips.

@ angelsinthewindow : thanks man, the long neck was part of the futuristic humain design but I guess it’s not so obvious on the rest of the body so I am still thinking but either I put the arm longer and the body too so it will be more uniform or I shorten the neck. I’am not 100% sure yet

@ DinoFinder : Thanks a lot man those comments help me to keep going :slight_smile:


In this update:

  • Refining the nose and the face in general
  • Added the eyes
  • Put some place holder for the hair. It will be real hair in the end…

I decided to change a bit the hair cut from my original design to give her a bit more of a military look. Let me know what you think. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hay, this hair rocks! It is even better then real hair :slight_smile:


Nice progress! Personally i did like very much the little pointy chin and the wide low jaw on your concept drawing. It gave the face something very special, a cute slightly sulky look - especially in frontal view. But it’s truly not more than my rusty 2 cents.

I like both hair. Well, the concept did work very well with that face, while the new hair works fine with the new face.

However, great work! :thumbsup:


She is looking better and better.
Keep her going!