Space: Battlecruiser Zeos, Andy Yamkovoy (3D)


Title: Space: Battlecruiser Zeos
Name: Andy Yamkovoy
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max

Was inspired Homeworld 2 game and its concept art. Sci-fi is my favourite theme in 3D. This work was done in 3Dmax6 pith post in Photoshop8.


Very nice, real sence of size and weight on that cruiser. Reminds me of opening shots of films like Aliens and Star wars :slight_smile:


Very nice, real sence of size and weight on that cruiser. Reminds me of opening shots of films like Aliens and Star wars :slight_smile: ONe thing, i think the lqrge gery flat aeas of the cruiser look a little “Clean” maybe?? prehaps to smooth to be a huge ship that prob been made out of millions of pannels.


Cool stuff!

The scene is very clear and vivid. Looks like an opening scene to a sci-fi movie. The blues you picked do a really good job in overshadowing the big gray of the mothership.
Nicely done.


you go straight to hollywood man:)
its very great:thumbsup:


hey there,

Great model and the composition is spot on. The colours are just right too. Excellent piece of work.



very cool man! i don’t find alot of spaceship designs on cgtalk, this is awesome!



wooooah man. Am a great lover of Futuristic work that too space. This is wonderful. :buttrock: Rocks.

Can you tell a little about how did you work on the textures. and where can we find good Earth maps.



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[size=2][color=white]andSheff dont be mad of me man ur work is good :slight_smile: but i want to know what i asked for[/color][/size]


The atmosphere is really effective. I think you paid a nice homage to Homeworld…


Thanks guys! I’m very pleased of your comments. Sci-fi is my favourite type of CG and modelling. These planets I made in Photoshop with the plugin LUNAR CELL, it can generate very big maps and it has alot of settings so you can made such type of planet as you want. If you have any other questions, ask them, I’ll try to answer.:slight_smile:


I like it. Nice job!


CG_ZAMOR, yes it’s okay. Sheff is just confused by the two similar forums for posting 3d art, so he tried first the one, and then the other. :slight_smile:


vey nice!! Feels like the game “homeworld”.
Is that a AT-AT head on the back of the ship?!


Sorry Stahlberg, I thought I’d post my work in the wrong topic. So the best images getting awards in this topic?


Very nice work! Reminds me of the ships from Homeworld.


…I played homeworld…but this kind of reminds me of Prometeus from series Stargate SG-1.

Don’t you think so ? :slight_smile:


Hmmm, When I look at it, it looks nothing like the Prometheus. Go play Homeworld/2 again and you’ll see what I’m talking about :smiley:


I’m very exited for givving me an award! This is my first cgtalk award!! I’m happy!


I love this. I like the fact that you have activity going on in the area so there is a feeling of life. Nice work.