SP3 for R19


Just a short heads up, SP3 for R19 is available now.


Can’t recall who it was, but some people here asked about a fix for the PSD issue. Seems to be included according to the change list.


Thanks for the heads up.
Was hoping that the extra rgba pass bug was fixed. (when rendering with multipass, c4d renders an extra rgba pass whether it was checked or not).
We c4d users are a hard group to please :slight_smile:

Hoping its fixed in 20.


Thank you Maxon, PSD morphs rendering issue is fixed.



any feedback from users? any issues or new bugs to be wary of?

thanks in advance,



I installed and worked in it most of the day yesterday. No issues thus far, but I’m also not doing anything crazy with C4D right now. Pretty simple scene file for this project.