SP Overdrive: Erilaz vs. Gorgnut vs. LoTekk vs. the occasional Kimmie vs. Whomever!!!


Haha. But you have more hair!

I was going to do one last night but I totally fell asleep at like 12… its stupid, all this sleep is making me tired.


The last SP’s resemblance to John Lithgow (aside from the hair :p) kept bugging me, so I tweaked the feature placement a bit in photoshop and painted in a new jawline. Still not quite me, but at least it’s less John Lithgow now. :smiley:


A little effort of varying success. Can this count for the 3 I missed? :stuck_out_tongue:

A girl called me “pretty” the other night… am I subconciously reflecting that?

couple of hours that was.


Hey Simon,

I like how you cautiously dipped a toe in the colour pond here (slowly moving away from the silver look?)

Great work!


*LoTekK remembers he’s also behind and decides to shut up

Nope, you’re just obsessed. :wink: Awesome SP, and I agree about the tentative baby steps into color being a nice touch. :thumbsup:


Hehe I wont move away from the silver look… I like that look. :cool:

This image started out a lot more colourful… but I butchered it a bit in the name of realism… maybe I shouldnt have! … but the subtle tones do more to bring out the form than the greys do.

you’re just obsessed.



Uh, this is crap but LoTekK keeps nagging me so I have to post it :cry::rolleyes:
Great pieces everyone!

I’m on a “all traditional” masochistic path here, since I lack soooo much skill with it :shrug:


NO NO more colour from me guys… Im just too crap at it.


Crap?! Dude! That looks awesome! :thumbsup: Love the perspective! More color! Deride your work some more and I’ll trout you! :smiley:


I really wanted to give a good view up my nose. I exagutated the lighting a bit.

But it took so long! I cant keep up if i do colours… eeeesh


I don’t think any of us, myself included, is up to date at this point. :wink:

Nursing a massive headache, so I just did a 20-minute one.


hehe Yeah. I think me and you are the most dedicated though! With gorg right behind :wink:

Me without skin!


coughs loudly


Yes… I know… :sad:


Hey, I don’t know if you crazy peeps have seen this, but it’s a great link! :thumbsup:

ANATOMY MUSEUM LONDON + Searchable Anatomy Database - very good

Simo, if you get the chance to go and take some pictures…:deal:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Ack if it wasnt for my final exams i’d hit london in a flash!




Heh, no worries Simo! :slight_smile: Good luck with your studies, I’m sure the museum will be there later. :wink:


/me kickstarts the thread


A3, pencil, mirror.


Woot! Nice one, gorg, especially with the eyes. :thumbsup:


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