South Girls, wang chen (2D)


Title: South Girls
Name: wang chen
Country: China
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Hello everyone, this is my new one works, painting is a beautiful girl in southern China, try a backlighting effect, the background depicts the scene of China’s rivers and lakes, using the software is painter, please lot of pointing, thank you


I like it! My only critique is there is a black outline that is very visable. Along the front of the face and the ear. It stands out. Not sure if that was on purpose or not. The painting is good, the outline simply takes my eyes away from it as a whole.


Very nice concept. Beautiful face - is it moonshine on her face? In my first look doesn’t the girl “chinesisch” - maybe the contitution of her hair… I don’t know exactely.


very good ,anyway the black lines and the background ruins the effect…

maybe you should remove the lines and thry for a more fantasy background
like the nice mountains you have in china and a fullmoon sky


i loe your works my friend!


A very beautiful image :applause:. I agree that the black lines are a distraction.


You have a lovely, light touch. Very delicate. But everyone’s right: those black lines make no design or stylistic sense. I’d also be a little careful using photos for reference so closely (I found your reference), if you don’t own the photo yourself. You’ll never be able to legally sell the image. Deviate more from the original, add your own twist!

I think someone else pointed out the background, too. It looks like you just passed a quick filter over a photo. Digital medium has SO many fun tools to use, but remember to combine the techniques and filters in such a way as to really make the art your own! Paint on! :smiley:


right on!

don’t be afraid of making mistakes and go for your own style and imagination
and filters are baaaaaaaad
keep it up!


very nice subtleties on the skin tones. keep it up!


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