South Australian artists?


Hi, I’m new to this site. Wondering if there are any South Australian artists on here? Any groups in SA at all?

Look forward to hearing back.


Hi, I’m from Adelaide too. The DLF often has gatherings, they’re the only ones as far as I know.


Hey there, another fellow South Australian here.

A studying game artist, working in 2D and 3D digitally. [=


You know, CGS is based in SA :wink:


Yeap! I am working in Adelaide as 3D Artist.


As in, is based in SA? If so, I had no idea of such a thing!


CG Society is south aussie as frog cakes and iced coffee. They’re based in the Adelaide Hills last time i checked.


Actually, we’re in the CBD now - although a large majority of the staff live in there still.

Our servers however live in Dallas, Houston, and London - I have never touched most of the computers I work on :slight_smile:


Hey there - I’m also an Adelaide based artist… trying to crack into the industry, and freelancing my design skills on the way :slight_smile: nice to meet you all!


Cya next Thursday then, im going to be at the PRA till January


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