Source image detectives?


I want to start work on a nifty little computer comic strip, but since I can’t draw worth feces, I need some source images of… well, anything I need. What I plan to do is draw over them in Photoshop to make a kind of cartoon similar to the animation in the independent film “Waking Life,” if you’re familiar with it. And, I simply don’t know how to go about finding the source images I’d need, so is there some kind of forum where I can request a kind of picture, and then some friendly forum members would help me find one like it?

If not, it’s probably a really good idea, no?

Thanks, crew.


digital camera or
camera + scanner

Grab some friends, give 'em some beer, and have fun snapping pics.


Well, that’s more of a last resort. Besides, it’d be a little awkward snapping the pictures I need. I’d rather have someone else do it. :smiley:


Oh, come on!
Don’t be embarressed or shy.
Make it fun.

This is what you do.
Invite 5 people over.
Have some drinks and small talk.
Eventually tell them about your project.
While 4 play cards, you snap pics of the 5th.
“Show me angry” :snap:
“Show me sad” :snap:
Keep the small talk and table talk going.
When the 4 are done with whatever game, switch people.

It’s not as bad as you think. You might surprise yourself.
I hear it’s a great way to meet chics.
Besides, who knows what you want better than you?


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