sound loop problem, need help!



I am having a bit of a problem with a sound loop.

The sound is set to loop 999 times (can you make it indefinite?)
but when a goto command tells it to go back to frame 40 it starts playing a second instance of the sound like a bad DJ. :slight_smile:

Why does it do this? it shouldn’t… and I can’t figure out why it would considering there are other goto’s that do not disrupt the sound.

The sound is attached to a movieclip and starts in the onclipevent(load) method.

I’m confused as to why this error is occuring. Help!


ok, so I half solved the problem.

I put the sound.start() in the _root on the first frame, instead of in the onClipEvent(load) of the movieclip. It solved the problem, but I’m still quite sruprised that this error occured in the first place. Does it go through the onClipEvent(load) for a second time! that surely should not happen. :shrug:


The sound object has always been a right pain in the arse!


doh, seems like they need to iron it out then. :slight_smile:


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