Sound editing: Male to female voices


Okay, I keep hearing stories and seeing stuff in TV shows about how easy it is to record a man’s voice and digitally change it to a female one.

I currently know jack shit about sound editing etc(though I will have to very soon) but I would really like to know whether this bullshit or not. If it is true, how is it done?


Lot of pitching and low-pass filtering I guess. And a ‘Do magic’ button.
Probably doable, but not that easy.

Where you heard that?


Oh I just asked a few people here and there but never really got any reasonable answer when I asked how its done. Also, you see alot of TV shows that give the impression “In todays hi-tech world anything is easy!”

My reasoning was “If its that easy then everybody would be doing it”. Just wanted to know what the pros think.


in “today’s hi-tech world” pro’s still prefer to dub voices then to manipulate.


So the reality is to get a lady to do the female voices on my projects.

Cheers for taking time out to reply.:beer:


Here is something:


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