Soulhunter, Andrey Lazarev (2D)


Id love to know the story of this character.

Great job with this picture. Something about it made my imagination run wild.


love the character and the colors…i hope i can paint and create such stuff one day :slight_smile:
a long way to go…


To paint a wonderful,I liked


Wonderfull lighting and composition imo

I really love it.

Sorry, nothing to crit from here :wink:


Truly exelent, dark and moody with good lighting design and composition

Title: Soulhunter
Name: Andrey Lazarev
Country: Ukraine
Software: Photoshop

It’s a concept sketch of the character from one story about which I think at leisure. It’s Soulhunter. He is simply collects souls and investigates them.[/QUOTE]


That is just truly insane my friend, I love it all !


Really good looks like Pirates of the Caribbean nice atmosphere


wouldnt wanna walk into a room with that looming around. great illustration.


That is one very nice piece. Your style is very diverse when looking at your work as a whole. Personally i think your pieces with the more dynamic lighting are your strongest. This piece, Bartola and Darkred Spirit are all very captivating for me and I just keep coming back to them to look again. Well done.


good work. i like it


So inspiring… thanks for sharing! 2 thumbs up!


amazing art work … i love the colors and the lighting … awesome :applause:


fantastic work i like the light and shadow in your image otherwise the concept of image its give a kind of calm felling to the one how look into it yaaaapyyyyyyy hi 5


very good work :beer:


Great character.
So beautiful the ilumination too.


Good!That is very good!!


Really nice work!! :thumbsup:


It looks very mysteriously and scary. I like the tone of the picture, the light and the symbolism in the dress. What’s the lighting piece holded in the soul-keepers hand?


really love it :applause:


Fantastic art!! :bowdown: