Soulhunter, Andrey Lazarev (2D)


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ilucion - Thank you! According the idea some flare should be slightly curvy. It’s not a direct light it’s something like a plasma.

JiDy - Thank you! You’re right. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the background.:banghead:

linainverse23 - Thank you! His hands were really different. right hand slightly shrunken due to injury.:rolleyes:

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great work, love the character and the haunting feel of the piece. top job :slight_smile:


Very very Nice illustration,
Lighting is beautiful!
Great!!! :thumbsup:


Like the limited colour palette. Great pose and interesting iconography - really draws you in. That’s a double thumbs up. Great job!


Amazing quality!:eek: I like overall mood of a picture!


Great concept and execution, welldone!


Very beautiful dramatic lighting.


Great mood you set with this scene. Love the little cages.


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What a great piece! congrats

your drawing skill is impressive, so tight! you must draw in huge res?


amazing work here, love the usage of the lighting… keep it up :beer:


fantastic lighting and rendering. A strong character also.

Great stuff!


Make this into a wallpaper! Its amazing! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Great character design. The lighting adds a lot to it.


As mentioned before, wonderful lighting and colour. You really brought out the form of this character and the design is very strong. Keep up the great work!


good job.Can you tell me how can you control the light of the picture.i like it very much.


your picture look great i like details you added, and the light and the sky is awesome. the idea was a nice one “soul-hunter” :buttrock: :slight_smile: :buttrock:


i like your concept




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