SoulburnScripts Updated Apr 22nd 2008


A bunch of fixes and new features to existing scripts.

Max script update:

Here’s the big update, I replaced the Close button in all the scripts with a Help button. Use the X button to Close the Floater now. But the help button will finally let you read the description and a mini tutorial for each maxscript inside the max interface.

Updated several scripts, here’s the major updates:

splinePainter: Added normalize feature to get smoother spacing between spline verts (although too much space will reduce spline detail).
Added UpperCamelCase and lowerCamelCase.
Added interactive mode so you can change values and have them automatically affect the selected splines.
Added a few new modes for capturing open border edges, or just selecting all edges.
Cleaned Up The UI a bit. Added a way to name the modifiers.
Allowed it to work with multiple objects.
Added ability to center pivot of resulting mesh.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

  • Neil


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