Soul of Sword, lun Wong (2D)


Title: Soul of Sword
Name: lun Wong
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

Title: Soul of Sword
Name: lun Wong
Country: China, Hong Kong
software: Photoshop

This is me first Samurai Art.
The idea is that the Samurai, the Sword and His/her Soul are all link together. So that I used the blood the be the linkage between them. And this is the new style for me :slight_smile:
Hope u guys like it and give me some comments.Cheers.


Love the painting. especially the blood splatter







thanks ~

I really glad that u like it ! :)))



我會繼續改善的 ^^


good work, lovely artistry at work. You have great talent, keep it up…


Nice work!


肩膀和手的结构不太舒服 不支持 加油


thanks ^^~

I will keep it up~

thanks ^^~!!


謝謝筷子的意見 ^^



good job!I love her eye…But the sleeve and hand not nature…er~keep up !继续加油!


OK, I get your point, thanks for comment :slight_smile:


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