Soul of King, Zhuangyue Xiao (2D)


Title: Soul of King
Name: Zhuangyue Xiao
Country: China
Software: Photo-Paint

The future world, there is a little boy named Kuta, likes cats very much from small, often concerns cats in the documentary, a book and museum.
In his 6-year-old’s birthday, Mom and Dad sent him a gift to surprise him - a cat!
He love this little cat exceedingly, but his heart a desire to have bigger, but seems to be a desire not possible - see for large wild cats, even if kept in the zoo cage is required.
However, this era, big cats such like tiger, snow leopard, clouded leopard, lynx, golden cat has long been extinct, which made Kuta very disappointed.
This afternoon, Kuta took the little kitten to the suburbs and hills to play, the evening sunset, he stood in the high slope at the sky, watching the red cloud in the sky, Kuta to the imagination is different from adults, seem to see the king of beasts, the tiger, majestically led the big cats, come back to earth …


Great job :thumbsup:


Very great work! love the concept also!, Cheers and goodluck for the competition!




This should be on the front page! Fantastic!


Simply gorgeous! Wonderful colors and Epic atmosphere, and of course cats rule! :bowdown:


“wow”, its a wonderfull idea and the result is perfect.


Wow, awesome work, very impressive!!


I can not find words to express my delight. This is a beautiful creation.


Thank you for your appreciation!

Works start from the human child side, so unreal reality of big cats and kittens to form biological relevance, let distant high-tech form of modern cities and ironic contrast of wildlife, to awaken people to the endangered wild animals a sense of crisis. At this stage for the composition and hope from the perspective of interpretation of my best creative ideas.


As a concept designer, when we are in constant creation of attractive men and women more than mechanical monsters, look back at our real world, you will find the real world is that we have the most cherished things, the rapid development of human society is built on On the basis of some of the expense of nature can not be ignored by the violation has been, thankfully a lot of environmentalists are fighting the existing protection of wildlife resources in promoting the first line, then the use of this opportunity, as an artist, I will use my The ability to offer modest.


Step one: Determine the major composition, the role of the location of the arrangements.


Step Two: Determine the atmosphere light efficiency, distribution-being compared.


Step three: describe details of the deal with the depth of field.


Step Four: Add elements, gray mold.


I especially love the tiger cats, led, and their temperament and domineering You Mi is the fascination.
This is a special abandoned the usual bright hue, saturation suppressed, so that the dominant soil sallow tone,
Strongly express a sense of oppression and the sense of crisis.
Hope you have more concern for ecology.


Beautiful work, I love the stormy atmosphere :thumbsup:


outstanding work! Everything looks great! Congrat.


Thank you for your encouragement,


Zhuangyue Xiao You are Great artist. This work is really Fantastic!!! I love your style :thumbsup: