Sottish Dreaming, Christian Turner (3D)


Title: Sottish Dreaming
Name: Christian Turner
Country: USA
Software: Vue

Work done in Vue 8 Xstream using the function editor to bring out the smaller details of the fractal. Brought in a Global Radiosity setup for the lighting and built up the realism through real world scaling of the terrain within the atmosphere.
Any ideas on how to bring more realism is more than welcomed.


Good start. The texturing is a bit monotonous - nature usually isn’t that uniform. Also, some birds might help :wink:


the image gets better as it goes further away. the far distance is fine (save for a downpour in the distance - rain. the climate looks too hot for scotland, too much red dust in the atmosphere), the mid is pretty much believable but maybe details are too sharp.

by far the main problem is the mountain on the left and the crag in the foreground, it is much smoother in reality. where there are jagged areas it is because there is no soil.

scotland looks very old and worn, therefore the hills are fairly rounded - though big.


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