Sorus the Saurian, Alexandre Fiolka (3D)


Title: Sorus the Saurian
Name: Alexandre Fiolka
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

This is a 3D low poly character. I made it following the “next gen” character creation pipeline.
High definition model done with Zbrush, retopology with polyboost, normal map projection with 3dsmax.
the polycount is 10564 triangles for the character and the scepter.
2048 diffuse map,normal map and specular map for the character.
512/256 diffuse map,normal map,specular map and opacity map for the scepter.
The background was done with photoshop, just to give more drama and personality to the character.
The main goal for me was to make a game model with a lot of fun, and increase my skills in this creation pipeline.
Comments and critics are welcome.


Here is some screenshot of the highpoly model in zbrush:

…and the lowpoly’s wireframe with the normalmap


nice, looks like a character from diablo


nice one! the feet are not as good as the rest of the model imho, the toes should be resting on ground, but still, nice one!


Looks like an alterted version of an Iksar from Everquest.


This is definitly your best model to date Alex !! I really like the mood of the illustration !

Congratz man ! :slight_smile:


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