Sort of an off topic



This is sorta an off topic but since it is for max I thought this was the best place to post.

Its more for convienience but does anyone know how to ‘float’ an ie explorere window…mainly this would be helpful for me when doing tutorials etc…so I dont have to switch back and forth between Max and IE? Is this possible(without being a programming genius and having to code my own script into it or anything technical like that)



Does anyone else get re-directed to some American Phone compayn when going to


dood, you can put explorer INSIDE A MAX VIEWPORT

its the best

  • right click on the viewport title [where it says fornt, etc], you’ll geta menu of options.

  • now click views > extended > asset browser

in the address bar, type the url of the site you want to see in the window

this also works for other apps, such as excel [i think]


No way! Omg that sounds like the best!

/me goes to try!


Thats awsome man, it may sound like a small tip but seriously it’ll be a huge time saver.

Thanks for the help



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