Sorry, I can believe this is Not possible in Silo?


Hi, im testing silo and i really like it, it sourprised me with some nice things so i decided to use it to model my current project but now i found that i can’t HIDE the back vertices/edges , because i dont want to see tha back part of something when im modeling the front
(Example : Very confussing when trying to match the front vertices with the front image reference and there are tons of the back vertices in the way).

I tried backface culling , all views, all display modes, even Hiding manually the back part of the model but Silo never hides the vertices/edges just the faces…

This is really important for me, this little thing can make me stop using this NICE application, and I really want to use it :frowning: .

If anyone knows hows to solve me this problem i’ll be really happy :slight_smile:

PD: I think my problem its very clear but if you want screenshots tell me, thanks.


Seems like you have to make faces at back diffrent model and hide them So you can’t see them.

If you want in future hide edges in selection hide. You can send your idea to Silo’s Feature Requests.


Try setting the Display menu>Object Display Mode to Ghosted Shade Wire. This allows you to see your reference image through the model but dims the further vertices and edges so that you can concentrate on the form. It’s a compromise for what you want but I don’t think a bad one.



Goto Options>Display Options>Near Clip Dist. & Far Clip Dist(these change your visibility concerning your scene/objects). Adjust the Far Clip Dist so it’s only slightly more then the Near Clip Dist. This helps quite abit but it’s useless for exactly your problem(using reference images).


Thanks to all for the answers :slight_smile:

Felor: My request is already there, hope the next version solves it, i think its a MUST.
Frank Lake: Yes, thats the best “solution” by now.

I hope Silo 1.5 come soon with that solved :stuck_out_tongue:


Couldn’t you make a plane with the image mapped to it, place the image in the middle of the head. If the plain is set to shaded and the head to wire or ghost, you would ONLY see front vertices because the plain blocks out the back ones :slight_smile: I don’t own Silo yet, but it seems like a good idea lol.

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