Sorcerer -elf, Seok Chan-yoo (3D)


Title: Sorcerer -elf
Name: Seok Chan-yoo
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Maya

Sorcerer Elf
He is a male elf looking like a pretty girl.
He has magics recovering life and adores the nature.
He got strong magic power against to the environmental destruction caused by Human.
>> Hi resolution image <<


Stunning! beautiful renders… :applause:


congratulations! I love it!


jinwoo lee


She’s really beautiful. Great work.


Didn’t ya read what the guy written??

He is a male elf looking like a pretty girl.


Awesome work.



Great models, great textures and the colors in the right image is brutal! Looks like an opening screen for Character selection in a Roleplaying game.

Love this one!


awesome character, i really love the texturing, some good modelling.
very moody renders
well done


Buddy; she looks pretty and powerfull, perfect imagination, model and colors. ***** for me.


very nice work, well done. :cool:


Didn’t ya read what the guy written??

Ops. You’re right. Simply I’ve a bit different order, commenting and viewing images. And I’ve passed his comments.


very nice!:bounce:

wonderful model.i like it.


Just great man,that’s all I can say.Stunning work.:thumbsup:


great work!all body.all body!


Quaity work… pretty girly-boy :twisted:


Stunning work.


i love it.

it seem ,you inspired by work of Ryan Duncan.

very good modeling & texture.:slight_smile:


good work, the render is great and the color is spectacular!!!


Extremely good work!!! I love it!!! :applause: :buttrock:


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