Sopron, Jason Godbey (3D)


Title: Sopron
Name: Jason Godbey
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, VRay

Hey everyone. Everything in this scene was made in 3ds Max except the plants which are from Xfrog. Rendered with Vray. Your comments and critique are welcome. :slight_smile:


nice, i love the texture and the lighting:) keep up the good work:)


A very pleasant piece.

There seems to be a repetition about the leaves of the main tree which suggests a generated outcome.

The stone steps reveal lighting simplicity.


Great work … I love it … :thumbsup:

I agree with JeT vbmenu_register(“postmenu_2965821”, true); about the tree … keep up


nice work… lot of details!!! :thumbsup: ù


very nice lighting


A very nice and piecefull scene:thumbsup: . Only 3 stars, come on people.


Really nice scene, congrats! no crits!




very nice job especially the lighting. i think the two trees looks a little false.:applause:


I like it! Good shaders and light. Are the trees treestorm?

gustavo benites


Saving to my HD, beautiful scene


beautiful stuff! love the textures, the lighting… looks close to perfect to me. there is few “bug” in my opinion tho. the bigest one is that the high-res version is a bit blurry.
could you show us wireframe? always was wondering what is actually a mesh and what is a bump/displacement map on that kind of pictures. cheers!



@caro: I didn’t notice the blurriness, perhaps next time I’ll try saving at a higher resolution

@gustavobenites: the trees are Xfrog

Thanks for your comments everyone :slight_smile:


anyway i love the lightning and rendering!:thumbsup:


ooo very nice ! great lighting and moddeling.very many details.
best of !


Thanks for posting wires! looks very clean.
Sorry about mentioning the blur, I think it’s just me, I’m crazy about every single pixel :). the picture is so nice to me that I was trying to find anything what bothers me ;). I think that might be actually big JPG compresion.

again, great work!


alot of work has gone into this one
nice detailed and moody work


@caro: No, thanks for mentioning it. It is the jpeg compression.

Thanks again for your comments everyone. :slight_smile:


WOW,its very nice texture,


Really nice setting, very fine architecture.

However, something has caught my attention. If that is a door below the vault, on the right side of the scene, then, “Houston, we’ got a problem.” :slight_smile:

Since the vault and the wall beneath is made out of stone/brick, it transfers forces not in a linear fashion like reinforced concrete, but in a planar fashion. Thus the whole wall must be kept intact and if there should be a window or an entrance on it, it must be kept small enough not to damage the integrity of the wall.
And if there will be an opening on the wall, the top parts of the opening must be constructed as an arch in order to properly counter the forces above.

I guess your door is too giant (even higher than the beginning of the vault) and the opennig is not covered with an arch.

Besides this minor problem, I have no more crits. Nice work!