Sopmod M4 Terminator Carbine WIP...


Hello People…

Here is my first update on my recent WIP… started few days before… Will post some more

updates tomorrow night…

This is my second model with the modeling world of max… fisrt one was Audi A3…

Hopefully i will finish this by next week and then I have decided to work on a low poly

Dragon Model and will go ahead to animate it later … It will be for my game demo…

Please keep your suggestions coming…



lookin great…i have one question though. How did you go about making the indents on the piece right before the foregrip?

P.s. could we see a wire view?



well the displayed render is made up of four objects (leaving the screws and details as another object because they have different texture).

3.Bullet Mag and
4.The are of indentation u r talking about. That whole thing is one mesh.

What i did was I created a tube and then extruded the area of plygons with details. and then further extruded the whol tube to continue with the piece…

hope this was worth the info.


looks really great! model a lowpoly mesh too and use that one as normal map =) would be pretty nice…


Hello everyone,

here is another update of the progress… i hope you like it



looks nice but…

the greanade launcher end is a bit to long and the magizine or to wide and the stok is way to long looking the overall gun looks way to long rember it a short rifle for close combat

can we see a wire frame also?


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