Sony Style product transformations


Hey everyone!

Here is an animation I just finished today here at MAKE. Although it wasn’t actually created for Sony, the idea was to see what it would be like if we transformed several of their products into each other.

The total make time was just under 2 weeks (about 11 days in total). That included modelling, shading, animating, rendering, compositing and editing. The renderer was VRay but no global illumination or ambient occlusion was used. Average frame time was 1 hour overall.

Credit goes to Danny Robashkin for the animated text effects throughout. (6.5mb, with sound…so get those speakers on!) (6mb, XVid)



Oh…btw…the components are:

-a Sony mini-system (custom hybrid)
-a Sony rear-projection TV (from their Qualia line)
-a Sony digital video player
-a Sony Cybershot camera
-a PSP


Hey i just saw this at your forum… Im Adam Chase there… I dont know what to say its perfect and so smooth. front page material for sure. keep it up man


wow -sweet stuff!
as always, very tight and professional


:love: :banghead:


Hey ivanisavich,

another quality piece of work from you, very impressive. I like the quality of the render and the camera work a lot. If I have any crits its that you almost do too much with the animation, I wondered whether it might look better with a more robotic, smoother motion rather than putting in all those offsets and overlapping motions. It makes the transformations feel a touch too hectic and jumbled as opposed to controlled. As always this is a real nitpick of a crit, its a great piece overall.






Wow impressive !
I think the motion speed of transformation is cool. Its style too. The way of the differents parts moves and be placed over each others are pretty cool.
There’s just some titles which are not in the same perspective with the objects than others (Compact design, experience, vision and adventure). But i guess it’s the style…
Congratulations ! I think it’s a cool brand new concept for sony !:thumbsup:


hello ivanisavich

your works are always great…

keep up the good work…


Very Cool man.Love the animation aspect of the whole piece.The way you transition was extremely effective.Hope to see more.


Wow, very nice! It’s depressing to know that you guys did that so quickly?.. but then again it doesn’t make sense to me, you say 11 days from beginning to end and average frame time was 1 hour, yet you have at least 720 frames, working 24 hours a day that makes at least 30 days just for rendering. Even if you had a large render farm, 11 days for everything, including modelling, seems difficult to beleive?


Hey Sphere,

Rendering took approximately 3 days in total…on 15 different computers.

I say 1 hour per frame average, because we had some frames that took 5.5 hours, and we had some frames that took 10 minutes…but average overall was around 1 hour.

The timeline was this:

Day 1-5: Objects were modelled

Day 6-9: Objects were animated

Day 8-11: Objects were rendered (there was some overlap in the animation/rendering stages, because I started some of the rendering before all of the animation was complete)

Day 10-11: Final comp was put together (once again…there was some overlap between comping and rendering, because in order to streamline the process I edited each shot into the piece as soon as it finished rendering…so I had a partial comp even before the rendering was complete)

Overall…it was still VERY tight.


1 hour per frame, on 15 computers = 15 frames per hour.

15 frames per hour = 360 frames per day

So in theory it should have only taken less than 2 days (since about 100 of those 720 frames are simply 2d titles)…of course in real life you need to re-render things sometimes etc etc so it’s not that perfect…but we were close nonetheless :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying… wow, again, nice.


How did you do this? Thats awesome!

I like it very very much… the best thing i had seen
for realy a long time.

That stuff is really impressive!
And made in this fiew days!
Keep it up!


Awesome work! I love the seamless transformations. Is there a tutorial somewhere that explains how to do this stuff? I see these transformer animations a lot, but I haven’t a clue how to start one.


I really love the attention to detail, I felt the speed of the transformations were happening a little too quickly (I couldn’t really see some of the great work you put into the transforms without looking frame by frame), its a very impressive peice of work :).


great stuff man ! i like it very much !


very impressive :slight_smile:


very good stuff m8

well done


Are you crazy?! o_O this is awesome…O_O Congrantz dude =)