sonja - character


hi all here,
i am a greenhorn in cg and start learning 5 months ago with 3dsmax…
after few attempts here is an elfgirl.
need crits and another view…




I think this is a very nice attemp!
but she needs some work,

  • pointy breasts
  • ribs needs some work
  • curved cheeks
  • big eyes

these are some spots wich i noticed at first sight,
a little bit more modelling & details and she will be great



Hi, first of all this model looks Ok…but there is some part thats need work from my Humble opinion, First a suggest to you to check your trapeze part in the back no normal women have a trapeze like this one… it shouldnt be apparent in the front view like here, and if that problem is tweeked it will surely make the joint from the upper end of the breast to the shoulder look better becaus right now its looking wierd too long i Think…The pointy brest at it said before its not a big issue because earch woman have different form of breast these could exist, I think…But its not a bad Idea to tweek them a little bit, Maybe the ribbs are to apparent and give her a larger hips and longer arms.


She has very “nubile” young breasts aka “puffy nipples” which is fine if you go for that sort of thing. However the left breast also looks a bit square, kinda like you moulded a cube rather than a sphere.

And her bum looks a little flat and dull, perhaps you could put a little more womanly bulk and curvature in there. Sort of looks like an old mans bum at the moment.

Other than that, it is coming along very nicely,



Nice girl !.. witch planet ?


thanx all for replies…

ackeb:i see ribs and cheeks needs some work (there is some kind of hole i didnt want to have)… i have to work on breasts too, but i dont want to change shape of nipples…

martyr: youre absolutely right with her trapeze and i think she is bit musculer (i prefer more womenly woman:) and i will post another shots for comparing from other sides (to see how long is everything :)…
i have just started to work on lower part of the body …

brenno777: from this point of view she has no bum …youre right :slight_smile:
i promise im going to change it …

petterdom: :)) which witch planet?


i made a few changes on the model …so :

ignore quality of shag hair … its conception only…



one more pics…(not good lights but i am still learning :slight_smile:


The adam’s apple doesn’t look too good on a girl.


that hairdo makes her look like a punk rather than a elf girl…its coming along though. keep working hard and you should have a good character


Hi man you’re off to a good start! Here’s my crits :

  1. I’m going to have to agree, the adams apple shouldn’t be there on a female. It’s a little disconcerting

  2. The hair a little wierd, not sure what you’re going for…

  3. The clothing could use a lot of work, and there seems to be some stretching in the texture on the collar. I think you need to give her clothes & hair the same TLC you have given her face…

Keep it up, keep posting WIPs and you will end up with a nice model, I think!


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